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EHF CL 19/20 PREDICTION: Veszprem, Barca and PSG are TOP 3 – Cindric and Wolff to take the individual titles!

EHF Champions League season 2019/2020 starts on Wednesday in Finland with a lot of fantastic matches ahead of us during weekend. like before, made a short prediction of the season in European elite competition helped by handball journalists from all over the world.

Exactly 12 handball specialists made the list of Final4 2020 participants, the Most Valuable Player of the season, Best goalkeeper of the season and tried to guess who will be the biggest positive or negative surprise in the upcoming months.

It is clear that based on rosters in which teams open the season, three teams are considered as powerhouses of European handball. Barca Lassa, Telekom Veszprem and PSG Handball are the teams with the highest chances. All 12 journalists put these teams among those who have the biggest chances to play at Lanxess Arena.

Half of them (6 of 12) think that THW Kiel could be the fourth team to enter the doors of the European handball capital on Rhein river.

Three more teams are on the list – PGE Vive Kielce (3), SG Flensburg Handewitt (2) and RK Vardar (1).

Among the teams who could be the biggest “positive surprise” of the season are SG Flensburg Handewitt, THW Kiel and Sporting CP with the most nominations. On the list are also Porto Sofarma, PGE Vive Kielce, MOL Pick Szeged, Telekom Veszprem and Bidasoa.

Who will have bad season in EHF Champions League? Also SG Flensburg Handewitt and THW Kiel are there with 2 nominations, but also reigning champions RK Vardar Skopje. On the “black list” are also PPD Zagreb, Aalborg, Veszprem, PSG Handball and Meshkov Brest.


Exactly 5 of 12 journalists think that Most Valuable Player of the season will be the new Barca Lassa signing Luka Cindric. One less put in front the new Telekom Veszprem’s member Rasmus Lauge, while Mikkel Hansen, Dainis Kristopans and Sander Sagosen closing the list with a single nominations.

The newcomer of the Polish PGE Vive Kielce Andreas Wolff (6) is the first favorite to catch the title of “goalkeeper of the season” ahead of Niklas Landin (3), Vladimir Cupara (2) and Arturs Kugis (1).

Enjoy the season!

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