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No winners in Schaffhausen

Kadetten Schaffhausen and Dinamo Bucuresti played 28:28 in the second match of the VELUX EHF Champions League 2o19/2020 season.

Two teams shared points in the opener of the season with realistic chances to stay competitive for the two best places in the group which lead to the battle for knock-out stage.

Kadetten-Dinamo Bucuresti 28-28 (14-15)

Kadetten: Zarko Sesum 6, Luka Maros 6, Dimitrij Kuttel 4, Gabor Csaszar 3, Sebastian Frimmel 3, Medhi Ben Romdhane 2, Lukas Herburger 2, Jonas Schopper 1, Bojan Beljanski 1.

Dinamo Bucuresti: Ante Kuduz 6, Amine Bannour 5, S. Musavi 4, Kamel Alouini 3, Razvan Gavriloaia 3, M. Mamdouh 2, Stefan Vujic 1, Dan Andrei Savenco 1, Mihai Asoltanei 1, Saeid Heidarirad 1, Andrei Negru 1.

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