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EHF CUP surprise: Csurgoi beat Hannover!

One of the favorites in Men’s EHF Cup this year, German TSV Hannover surprised negatively their fans once again! After home defeat over Swedish Lugi, German team repeated bad performance in Hungary where Csurgoi KK celebrated victory – 36:28 (17:19). The third Hungarian squad have played fantastic second half and deserve to take the first points after defeat in Leon last weekend…

Csurgo: Lele (8), Pukhouski (8), Savic (6), Nagy (5), Szöllősi (4), Gazdag (2), Aguirrezabalaga (2), Oláh (1).
Hannover: Lehnoff (9), Patrail (6), Szücs (4), Johannsen (3), Karason (2), Hykkerud (2), Sevaljevic (1), Kastening (1).

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