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EHF suspended Dragan Nacevski for 2 years

The EHF Court of Handball has reached its decision in a case opened against the Member Refereeing of the EHF Competition Commission, Dragan Nachevski, concerning allegations in connection with a non-reporting violation.

Dragan Nachevski was released from his duties in May 2023 after the EHF received information from the Danish broadcaster TV2 that he was involved in a conversation with an alleged Chinese businessman. In this set-up the topic of match-fixing was touched. Although Nachevski declined the offer, he did not report the approach to the relevant authorities within the EHF.

The EHF Court of Handball found that Nachevski is suspended from carrying out any functions within the EHF and participating in any EHF activities for two years as of the date of the decision.

Additionally, Nachevski shall pay a fine of €5,000 for the violation of fundamental obligations outlined in the EHF Regulations and in the EHF Code of Conduct.

The Court of Handball had decided to split the case into two. This decision relates only to violations in connection with non-reporting. Legal procedures and investigations concerning a lack of integrity and betting irregularities are still ongoing.

An appeal may be filed to the EHF Court of Appeal within seven days.

With this decision the EHF Court of Handball confirms the EHF’s zero-tolerance approach when it comes to any kind of match fixing or undue influence on a match result.

Match fixing is not acceptable in any sport, and on the level of EHF competitions it is a substantial violation of core values of the European Handball Federation, its statutes and regulations. Therefore, every approach must be reported immediately.

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