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E(HF)VOLUTION: New CL with 12, European League with 24 teams!

The European Handball Federation announced plans for future Men’s and Women’s club competition from 2020 which goes with the new era of partnership with the best team gathered in Forum Club Handball.

In article about plans EHF stated: “Following the decision to expand the Men’s EHF EURO final tournament from 16 to 24 teams from 2020, proposals for the reform of men’s and women’s top club competitions have now been presented.

The plans form the basis of the EHF’s ongoing tender process for its audio-visual and marketing rights through to 2030. The long-term offering from the EHF has proved to be an attractive proposition on the international sports and media markets, with 25 media companies and agencies considering bids.

Speaking about the proposals, the EHF President, Michael Wiederer, said: “With these changes, the EHF will be able to offer a comprehensive year-round content offering of sporting highlights, with the potential to captivate and enthral fans in one of Europe’s largest sports communities.”

“This is the first time that the EHF has bundled its rights and entered into a tender process, and the strong interest from the market is a clear indication of just how attractive the ‘European handball’ product is.”

New league system for Europe’s elite

With the final formats of the EHF top tier club competitions to be finalised together with top clubs and partners, the EHF’s plans include a comprehensive reform across all levels of top competition.

It is envisaged that the Men’s EHF Champions League will move to a league system, played in a round-robin system, initially involving 12 teams, with the possibility of later growing to 16 teams.

Focusing on the ‘strongest of the strong’, the league will be open to the national champions of Europe’s top national leagues, plus four additional teams.

The new playing system would see the top eight teams qualifying for the quarter-finals and the four winners then progressing to the EHF FINAL4.

European League with 24 teams

Men’s competitions on the second and third tiers would also be revamped in the plans currently under discussion.

The current EHF Cup would be renamed the ‘European Handball League’ and be played with 24 teams in the group phase, offering more clubs the opportunity to play in European Cup competition.

Teams would compete in four groups, each comprising six teams. The existing Challenge Cup would be renamed the ‘EHF Cup’ and played in a knock-out format.

Source: EHF

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