ENJOY THE SILENCE IN BUDAPEST: Headbutt handball – Who is next?

Headbutt becomes popular among the handball players. After Torsten Jansen heavily injured Ivan Nincevic last May, Montenegrian star Milena Knezevic wrote a „special chapter“ of history in Women’s handball with attack on Anita Gorbitz.  Jansen’s case was only 10 days before EHF F4 in Cologne, but Nincevic’s blood and unconsciousness was no good enough reason for the club, but also EHF to put him out of the biggest handball event in “Lanxess Arena”. Ten matches of suspension, somehow, didn’t include the road to the EHF CL trophy 2013. Ok, maybe you can’t blame EHF because the match on which he made unforgetable foul was in organisation of DKB Bundesliga.

However, Milena Knezevic made a savage under EHF flag in front of whole handball Europe, but not only handball. Last Monday that was a VIDEO OF THE DAY on the biggest European media. Thanks to new headbutt case, handball became more popular than he really is. Handball fans, but also ordinary sports fans were shocked…

That could be a point of view from which decision for two matches suspension was taken if we want to be sarcastic.

If we want to be realistic, she deserved much more, at least, to miss the first ever Women’s EHF F4 in Budapest. That had to be a big lesson which EHF Court missed to teach her.  Again someone missed the chance to make a clear difference between sport and ….

What player has to do deserve a longer suspension? To bite someone, to endanger someone’s life? When you will give an example – Hey, stop, you won’t do this anymore and anybody who want to have Jansen or Knezevic as role models, will regret because of that! No…

Milena Knezevic isn’t a “bright face” of European handball and she won’t be better after this ban. This fine won’t affect her too much. She knows right now that she is awarded. Her temperament and arogant style of playing, “dirty” dance against the rivals, handball world will continue to watch…

Ordinary fans will only have possibility to whistle in Budapest, when see the ball in her hands, but Court of Handball calculated that in the atmosphere of the biggest female handball event ever…

Enjoy the silence.

Who is next?



  1. BH

    16. March 2014. at 12:12

    Adzic doing cage fighting the Macedonian handball

  2. P

    15. March 2014. at 20:59

    Aj ne sprdajte se mađarčine da vas ne nabijemo

  3. PL

    15. March 2014. at 19:15

    This text is ineffective towards the EHF.
    Knezevic will continue groats

  4. D

    15. March 2014. at 18:03

    great text…

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