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EURO 2014: Croatia is out – Serbia scores only 3 for half-time!

The biggest negative surprise of the Women’s EHF EURO 2014 is Croatia. Croatian team lost all the chances to qualify for the Main Round in Zagreb, after shocking defeat against Germany 24:26 (14:13). The things became even worst with injury of Miranda Tatari, who had to leave the court after pain in knee.


In the first match of the Group C, The Netherlands and Sweden played 30:30.

The Netherlands 3
Sweden 3
Germany 2
Croatia 0

France gave revenge to Serbian team for defeat at the last EHF EURO 2012 – 27:16 (11:3). Andrea Lekic and Co. set the new record in the lowest number of goals scored in the first half of the matches in European championship – only 3. The previous were linked with Netherlands and Russia, who scored 5.


In the second match of the Day in Osijek, Montenegro easily beat Slovakia 28:24.

Montenegro 4
France 4
Slovakia 0
Serbia 0



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