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“Fairytale in Sudstadt”, Muller: It was a day when impossible things are possible!

“In handball, such things are extremely rare”, said Austrian NT coach Herbert Muller, after historical win of his girls over Olympic champions Russia 27:25 (13:16).

“I was desperate on 0:5, but then team came into the game, we found our ways, our gaps, then Petra Blazek made a match of her life”

Austrian girls took the biggest scalp in the last 10 years…

“Today is maybe a day where the impossible is possible, we have surpassed ourselves in fighting, Russia was physically stronger, but we were cleverer”, concluded Muller…

Austria vs. Russia 27:25 (13:16)

Austria: Sonja Frey (7), Beate Scheffknecht (5), Patricia Kovacs (5), Romana Gerisch (4), Kristina Logvin (2), MIrela Dedic (2), Josefine Huber (2)

Russia: Anna Kochetova (5), Anna Punko (4), Luliia Managarova (3), Daria Dmitrieva (2), Viktoriya Zhlinskayte (2), Yaraslava Frolova (2), Ekatarina Fanina (2), Anastasiia Makina (2), Kseniya Makeeva (1), Polina Vedekhina (1), Ekaterina Ilina (1)

PhotoCredit: EXPA/ Sebastian Pucher

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