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FANTASTIC EVENT: Masters Handball World Cup 2018 with winners from Croatia, Ukraine and Slovakia

The second year in a row Croatian city of Omis hosted Masters Handball World Cup between May 10 and 13. The two sports hall under one roof on the beach hosted four-days tournament of 25 teams from 12 countries which provided a lot of joy for all the participants from Ukraine and Turkey to Brasil.

The winners in five categories coming from Croatia, but also Ukraine and Slovakia.

W 40+

3rd place: ŽVRK Split – Istanbul Veterans 10:5

FINAL: ŠK Elite Nitra Slovakia – Evergreens Slovakia 13:4

Ž 30+

3rd place: ŽVRK Vranjic – ŽVRK Split 8:7 (7 meter shot-out))

FINAL: ŽVRK Sinj – ŽVRK Zadar 13:8

M 50+

3rd place: Kickers Offenbach – MAFC Old Boys 11:10 (7 meter shot-out)

FINAL: Zlatne godine – VRK Split 8:7 (7 meter shot-out)

M 42+

5rd place: Recife Brazil – Bosna Sarajevo 6:12

3rd place: Hlohovec – PEAC Old Boys 11:3

FINAL: Tornado Ukraine – Brno Czech Republic 9:4

M 35+

5rd place: Borac Travnik – Recife Brazil 9:10

3rd place: VRK Goražde – Hrvatski Dragovoljac 11:4

FINAL: Trogir – DRAMAC Group Austria 9:8

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