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FC Barcelona Lassa win ASOBAL Cup 2015

FC Barcelona Lassa won BAUHAUS ASOBAL Cup 2015 by beating Naturhouse La Rioja 35:33 (18:18) at the final match. The leading role in the winning team had Kiril Lazarov with 10 goals, but despite his shooting performance, the MVP title went to the hands of La Rioja’s right back Malmagro.

This was the 101st Barca win in a row in domestic competitions.

35 – Barcelona: Pérez de Vargas (Saric); Tomás (6), Kopljar (2), R. Entrerríos (3), Sorhaindo (1), Jallouz (7), Sigurdsson (1); Morros, Sypzak (3), Sarmiento (2), Lazarov (10, 3 p), Gurbindo.

31 – Naturhouse La Rioja: Kappelin (G. Aguinagalde); Ángel Fernández (7), Garabaya (2), Val (1), Molina (8), Vigo (3), Pedro Rodríguez; Malmagro (9, 3 p), Javier García (1), Garciandía y Cadarso.

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