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Ferenc Ilyés to Pick Szeged – Muhamed Toromanovic new line-player?

Hungarian vice-champion Pick Szeged will make some changes as the biggest rival Veszprém a year before. The new coach, Juan Carlos Pastor brings García Parrondo, Niko Mindegía and Vladimir Vranjes from Spain. Club officialy announced signing of former Veszprem’s left back Ferenc Ilyés from Polish Wisla Plock. Wisla’s line player, Muhamed Toromanovic is also close to sign deal with Hungarian team.




  1. Fredrik

    5. June 2013. at 21:20

    Peter … Should Gulyas quit, do know were he gonna play next year, if this anyone else execpt Gabor some will leave


  2. hartza0

    1. June 2013. at 10:35

    OK,Peter85 !!!

    Thanks a lot.
    It will be very difficult to win the Wild Card if they get one of the guest place but they will be more chance if they organice it in Szeged. There is a real problem: The opponents wil be very powerful, German, French, and The team has a new coach and maybe too new players to work well at the beginning and I think Pastor need some more time to make a strong team. We will see !!!

  3. Peter85

    30. May 2013. at 09:18

    And Buday signed for 2 years with Orosháza, Nagy Norbert leaves as well..That is all what we know now

  4. Peter85

    30. May 2013. at 09:17

    Yeah, Prodanovic will leave the club, it seems he goes to MKB Veszprém to replace Gulyás.
    They are doing a great project indeed there but maybe it is still not gonna be enough to be on the same level as Veszprém, will see
    They applied for the Wildcard tournament yesterday officially, if they could get the chance to organize that maybe having a real chance to beat the 4th german league team as well..

  5. hartza0

    29. May 2013. at 15:18

    Pastor, Mindegia, Parrondo, Vranjes, Ilyes, Toromanovic, I think they are a great signings. Prodanovic leaves the team, someone else? What do you think about the new project of the team? Do you think Pick Szeged will be one of the guests to Wild Card? Are there real posibilities to play the Champions league?………..Thanks a lot?

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