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France LNH (Round 6): Paris HC invincible, beats Chambery in Savoie

Paris HC are on good way to justify the invested money in the team in attacting the biggest stars. After beating Montpellier few rounds ago, Paris HC now showed that they are “No. 1” in France, by beating Chambery away. Chambery did not play a bad game, but simply Paris HC proved too strong. At half time took a narrow one-goal lead, in the end to win by four goals, 28-24 for the Parisiens. Honrubia and Bojinovic showed that they are eager for handball after the brief police detention, scoring 9 and 7 goals respectively, followed by Hansen with 6 goals. Chambery’s team top scorer so far was this games’ top scorer as well, Edin Basic contributed with 10 goals.

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