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France (Men’s) and Germany (Women’s) will organise WCh 2017!

The IHF Council awarded the Men’s and Women’s World Championships 2017 at their meeting on the fringes of the Women’s World Championships in Sao Paulo, Brazil on Thursday 15 December. Germany – the only bidding nation – will organize the Women’s World Championship in December 2017. France will organize the Men’s World Championship in January 2017, whilst Denmark was not successful with their bid. “We had two strong bidding nations, two very strong candidates, which is very good for the IHF, as this World Championship is a very important event for us,” IHF President Dr Hassan Moustafa stated before opening the envelope containing the awarded nation.

Previously to this, all three Federations had presented their bids to the IHF Council.

Germany was represented by Ulrich Strombach, President of the German Handball Federation. Men’s national team coach Claude Onesta, French Handball Federation President Joel Delplanque, technical director Philippe Bana and the Minster of Sports and former Judo Olympic Champion David Douillet presented the French bid. Denmark was represented by Per Bertelsen (President of the Danish Handball Federation), Morten Stig Christensen (Director of the Danish Handball Federation), Ulla Essendrop, Henrik La Couer (Head of development in the Danish Handball Federation), Nily Nygaard, President of the National Olympic Committee, and Lars Lundov, CEO for sports events in the Danish government.

Originally, the IHF Council consists of 17 members. One member was absent, the two French members Jean Brihault (EHF Vice President) and Joel Delplanque (IHF Executive Member) didn’t take part in the voting, as France was one of the bidding nations – and IHF President Dr Hassan Moustafa remained in a neutral position and also did not give his vote. So in total 13 IHF Council members decided about the hosting nation for the 2017 Men’s WCh.

After announcing the awarded nations, Dr Hassan Moustafa handed over a trophy and a certificate to the German and French Handball Federations, as the organizers of the 2017 Men’s and Women’s World Championship.

Germany was host of the Women’s World Championships  1965 and 1997 and was hosting Men’s World Championships in 1958 (GDR), 1961 (FRG), 1974 (GDR), 1982 (FRG) and 2007.

France was hosting the Men’s World Championship in 1970 and 2001 and hosted the Women’s World Championship in 2007.

The German bid for the Women’s World Championship 2017 contains the following venues (which can be changed): Berlin, Flensburg, Wetzlar, Stuttgart, Leipzig and Cologne (venue of the final weekend).

The Men’s World Championship 2017 will be played in the venues Aix, Bordeaux, Lille, Paris-Bercy, Dunkerque, Lyon, Montpellier, Nantes and the new arena in Nanterre as the venue for the final weekend.

Statements after the award ceremony:

Ulrich Strombach, President of the German Handball Federation: “We want to improve women’s handball in Germany and worldwide with this tournament. Although our team did not play on the highest level at this World Championship, we were awarded with two trophies in Brazil: The trophy for winning the President’s Cup and the trophy for organizing the World Championship 2017.”

Joel Delplangue, President of the French Handball Federation:  “Thank you very much to all, who helped us in our bidding campaign. And to my friends from Denmark: Tomorrow is another day. Welcome to France in 2017.”

Morten Stig Christensen, director oft he Danish Handball Federation: “Congratulation to France, especially to Joel Delplanque and Philippe Bana. You are experts in organizing big tournaments. It is not easy for us to be beaten by France again after in extra-time at the final of the 2011 Men’s World Championship. But tomorrow our women’s team will have the chance to take revenge in the semi-final in Sao Paulo.”

The upcoming Senior World Championships:


Men: Spain, Women: Serbia (awarded 2010 in Herzogenaurach)


Men: Qatar, Women: Denmark (awarded 2011 in Malmö)


Men: France, Women: Germany (awarded 2011 in Sao Paulo)

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