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Frank Bohmann believes in season 2020/2021: Realistic to have 20% to 50% of fans in the halls

German Handball Bundesliga is still planning the start of the season with spectators.

Despite the increasing number of infections, the handball Bundesliga is sticking to its plans for a season start with spectators.

“As of now, I am very sure that we can start with spectators as planned at the beginning of October,” said HBL managing director Frank Bohmann to SID . He thinks that hall occupancy rates are “realistic” between 20 and 50 percent.

HBL has drawn up a guideline and, on the basis of this, developed an operational and hygiene concept together with basketball.

The possible audience capacity at the locations depends on various factors such as the conditions in the halls and the access and departure routes, writes

“The different ventilation systems in the arenas also play a role, for example,” explains Bohmann. For the official season opener, the Supercup on September 26th in Düsseldorf, the league is currently planning with 6.000 spectators.

“Of course this is still uncertain in view of the unplanned infection process, but we do not want to bury ourselves,” said Bohmann: “With our concept we want to clearly define the framework for a responsible entry. I think that standing room is released analogous to the footballers in the current situation but not feasible. ”

The league boss believes that ghost games such as in football and in summer also in basketball are not useful. A start without a spectator is basically possible, but “we wouldn’t be able to hold out that too long,” said Bohmann: “Two to three games can certainly be bridged, then we get into areas that are not economically viable.”

Despite the five months without a handball game, all the clubs are still “on board. The situation is tense, as established business models with audience money and sponsoring currently only work to a limited extent,” said Bohmann: “We have to go back to business, otherwise it will be our sport soon no longer give this form. ”

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