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Romania to try with NBA system in season 2020/2021

Alexandru Dedu, the president of the Romanian Handball Federation, called the clubs from the National Leagues to a meeting, to discuss the future competition season. The start date of the 2020-2021 competition year has become uncertain. The chairman of Romanian handball came with a unique proposal, the whole tour to take place in his tournament or tournaments, during 45 days

The Romanian Handball Federation was inspired by the NBA, before coming up with this proposal to the clubs.

Leagues should start on August 19 and 27, but the chances of seeing handball internally this month, at an official level, have been reduced to zero. Teams cannot play friendly games at the moment due to the coronavirus pandemic. But everyone wants to start, and Alexandru Dedu summoned the clubs to a meeting to discuss the issues,before going on Friday with a plan to the Minister of Youth and Sports, Ionuț Stroe.

Until this hour, the meeting took place in the Zimbvrilor League, and the federation’s proposal was for the whole tour to take place in hall tournaments, one or two, during 45 days! A system identical to the one in the NBA was proposed, ie all clubs should be based in the same city, and athletes, technical staff, officials, etc. should not come into contact with other people.

The clubs want the season to start and most are tempted to accept the idea of ​​indoor tournaments. Of course, there are also some question marks, if the players will agree to stay in the training camps for so long, plus the fact that stages in the European cups are scheduled along the way. Of course, the plans can be adapted these days, because it is also about recovery, training, etc., so that they look as good as possible at the start time.

  • The idea of ​​indoor tournaments seems the best at this time, given that today we do not have the consent to play handball. Of course, depending on the schedule of some teams in the European cups, the tournaments can be divided into two or three, with Covid testing before each. In this way, we will make some savings to the budget, because there will be lower expenses.


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