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FRENCH HANDBALL ERA: How to stop them?

With two gold medals in 24 hours in Brazil (Junior World Championship 2015) and Georgia (EYOF), French handball school extended total domination in world’s handball. It is unique situation in the history of handball that one country won tournaments in all male categories, from the TOP to the bottom. France are now world champions in senior, junior, youth and U17 generation! Four of four, really amazing.

Nikola Karabatić and his team-mates from the French national team began with the total domination since 2008, when the „Experts“ won the first Olympic gold in Beijing. The years of almost total domination last until today with many golden podiums in World (2009, 2011 and 2015), European (2010, 2014) and Olympic tournaments (2012), but most of the handball experts marked work and results in younger categories. as the biggest weakness.

However, the question „How will succeed Karabatic, Narcisse and other golden guys?“, isn’t actual anymore. Medals came as a part of a real progress of French handball in the last decade. Generation 1994 won the first ever gold medal in younger categories. That was the third in junior age after generation 1978 and 1992.

The highest expectations has French generation 1996, reigning European champion 2014, at the upcoming Youth World Championship 2015 in Russia.

French handball league is now almost on the level of DKB Bundesliga. Number of registered members of the French Handball Federation raising year by year, while the next World Championship will be held in France (2017).

Handball world is stunned by the French handball „dictatorship“. How to stop them? Who will find the way?

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  1. Jacques Genty

    17. October 2015. at 03:15

    For years, France wasn’t really efficient in team sports. Except the Platini/Zidane era in football, France was out of the international charts in hand, basket or volley.
    Then, it was the Barjots craziness and first successes about 20 years ago. Since this time, French handball team has brought more trophies than any other sports for the country.
    But the most amazing is the fact that, this legendary team seems also to have pushed other collectives French teams under the light.
    It is just to look at the recent results of Basketball and volleyball national teams.

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