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French Handball Federation launch MyCoach online platform

The French Handball Federation (FFHB) has launched an online platform for the thousands of coaches, educators and trainers operating within different levels of handball in France, MyCoach by FFHandball. 

“It was time to find and provide tools for clubs and facilitate the daily lives of our 20,000 educators and coaches,” said FFHB National Technical Director Philippe Bana. “The wealth of information that circulates there makes it a strong social network of handball educators. MyCoach is now our base of work and data.”
MyCoach by FFHandball is for coaches, managers and educators in French handball for all ages, from mini handball through to the indoor and beach disciplines. The platform allows for the management and organisation of different aspects within daily team life, with centralised information making for easy communication within a team, as well as preparation or realisation of training sessions, organisation of matches or events, and understanding of team data and statistics. 

“Launching MyCoach by FFHandball in such a special time is a choice we made in accordance with our digitalisation policy, thinking about educators and their needs,” said MyCoach Founder and CEO Cedric Messina. 

“The season is at a standstill but the Federation wanted them to be able to familiarise themselves with the platform and learn about its contents to prepare for the resumption. At the start of the school year, all French handball will be equipped with MyCoach.” 

The data on MyCoach is stored season after season, thereby allowing for clear monitoring of team development. The system is also synced with the FFHB database, enabling access to information such as licensee data. In addition, there is an extensive educational library of material available, where managers can access exercise sheets or build their own to share within their community.  

More than 2,000 clubs in France will be equipped with the free MyCoach platform, encompassing approximately 20,000 managers, coaches and educators. The ultimate goal is for French handball to offer a complete digital solution for the management of clubs and the communities therein. By the end of 2020, FFHB will launch a mobile application.

Source: IHF.INFO
PHOTO: French Handball Federation

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