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Furious Serbs smash Poles in Gdansk

Fantastic performance of the Serbian national team in Polish city of Gdansk – 37:32 (20:14). Serbs,led by new coach Jovica Cvetkovic, played best match in the last few years enough to outplay the fourth team from the Olympic Games in Rio.

Match began with numerous counter-attacks on Serbian side, which led Balkan guys to 11:3 after 14 minutes. Poles only came on 22:18 in 37th minute, but that was the smallest gap between two teams…

POLAND – SERBIA 32:37 (14:20)
POLAND: Vyszomirski, Schmal – Bielecki 6, T. Gebala 5, Dasek 4, Lijewski 3, Jachlewski 3, Nogovski 2, Łyžva 2, Kus 2, Przybylski 2, Dacko 1, Jurkiewicz 1, Syprzak 1, Gierak.
SRBIJA: Milić, Arsić – Nenadić 10, Đukić 7, Stojković 7, Zelenović 6, Ilić 3, Šešum 3, Abutović 1, Marković, Rnić, Radivojević.

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