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Germany beat Iceland after big battle

Germany won big battle against Iceland 26:24 at the start of the Main Round at EHF EURO 2024 in Cologne. Team of Alfred Gislason had a lot of difficulties against team full of Bundesliga stars, but at the end prevailed with the goal of Koster few seconds before the final buzzer in situation of total pressing of Icelandic players.

Wolff and Halgrimsson had their own battle with 12 and 13 saves.

Now, road for Germany until semi-final is open. It is clear that they will need three wins in a row at Lanxess Arena.

Germany – Island 26-24 (11-10)

Germany : Juri Knorr 6, Julian Koster 4, Johannes Golla 4, Timo Kastening 3, Sebastian Heymann 2, Kai Hafner 2, Martin Hanne 2, Jannik Kohlbacher 1, Rune Dahmke 1, Lukas Mertens 1.

Island : Janus Smarason 6, Sigvaldi Gudjonsson 4, Aron Palmarsson 3, Viggo Kristjansson 3, Elvar Jonsson 2, Omar Magnusson 2, Elliði Viðarsson 1, Arnar Arnarsson 1, Ymir Gislason 1,  Bjarki Mar Elisson 1.

Standings provided by Sofascore


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