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GERMANY OUT: Biegler specialist for national disasters…

Denmark will face Sweden, while France will have clash with Montenegro at Women’s World Championship 2017 quarter-final. German coach Michael Biegler, once again, proved himself as specialist for national handball disaster after experience with Polish team at home EHF EURO 2016 in Krakow.

Germany – Denmark 17:21 (7:11)
Germany: Woltering (Dortmund), Kramarczyk (Leverkusen), Eckerle (Thüringen) – Smits (Metz/6), Gubernatis (Buxtehude/5), Geschke (Oldenburg/2), Loerper (Metzingen/2/1), Huber (Dortmund/1), Karolius (Leverkusen/1), Stolle (Blomberg), Mansson (Dortmund), Wohlbold (Thüringen), Bölk (Buxtehude), Fischer (Buxtehude), Behnke (Metzingen), Klein (Nantes)
Denmark: Toft, Reinhardt – Tranborg (5), S. Jorgensen (5/1), Heindahl (3), Jensen (3), , Iversen (2), Woller (2/2), Grigel (1)


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