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Germany won Novi Sad

Zsuzsanna Tomori have to eat Nerea Pena’s cheese cake. According to the Ferencváros players Pena’s cheese cake is terrible. Laura Steinbach and Tomori, FTC Rail-Cargo Hungaria’s players bet who will win the Hungary-Germany derby and the loser must eat the cake. Germany and Steinbach won so the cake is waiting for Tomori. Germany with a 27-26 win got the 1st place in Group D and Hungary finished third…

The other match of the group finished with Tunisia’s 24-15 win against Australia.

Hungary – Germany: 26-27 (16-14)

Scorers: Görbicz (12/5), Tomori (4), Bulath (1), Kovacsicz (3), Vérten (2), Soós (2), Szucsánszki (2) and Müller (13/4), Lang (1), Naidzinavicius (2), Zapf (1), Steinbach (4), Althaus (5), Geschke (1)

7 metres: 6/5 and 5/4

Suspensions: 8 and 6 minutes


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