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Greatest comeback ever! Wilbek: “Hansen made the difference”

Ulrik Wilbek was all smiles after the winning of his 2nd Gold medal within 4 years span.

– We started very bad, lost two matches, including the game against Serbia. After the press conference I said, we will meet again and we met again. We played very good defence, the Serbs were tired. It was a tactical match. We know each other very well. Mikkel Hansen was the main actor, especially in the 2nd half, finished with 9 goals. Between the posts we had two of the world’s best keepers, and the defence played very well too. I congratulate to Serbia on the fantastical tournament. Serbia will be proud of this result, when everybody cools down. They played fair and won the silver…

Hans Lindberg:

– It was a very good tournament, I congratulate Serbia on that. We were lucky today, it was a hard game, and it was won by our great defence. I’m very happy…

Rasmus Lauge:

– I congratulate the Serbs on such a great tournament. It was a great game, and we had a fantastic defence, the lowest amount of goals that we conceded in one game on this tournament, is what decided the match. We are delighted about the gold…

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