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EURO 2014

GROUP C: Favorites are France and Serbia

The most interesting match of the Men’s EHF EURO 2014 was a clash between Serbia and Poland 20:19. It’s time to see some more of the action in Aarhus’ group C.


Serbs waiting for another important match in good atmosphere after the openning win.  Russia is looking for the first victory and chance to show that they won’t be only a visitor in Denmark. Kuleshov has to raise level of performance in defense if he wants to stop Ilic, Vujin and other great shoters from the Serbian team. On the other side, offensive level of Igropulo, Atman and Gorbok has to lead Russians…


The first match of the French team showed their strentgh. They smashed Russia easily 35:28 and presented some new good players and Grebille or Nyokas. With this two guys on the left and right back, Claude Onesta has got some new options in attack. From the other side it will be interesting to see how much Polish team is ready to waste energy in the clash against big rival and favorite, before the crucial match for the Main Round against Russia…

PHOTO: Credit – Photo: Bjørn Kenneth Muggerud/

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