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Danish bussinessman Jesper Kasi Nielsen announced his decision to re-establish his handball project – AG Copenhagen! The most succesful Danish team who played at VELUX EHF F4 2011 and a year before set the world’s record in the number of fans on one handball match during Play-Off Final with BSV Silkeborg (over 35000 fans).

– I promise you, when this madness is stopped against the Nielsen family, we return with AGK stronger than ever before, we have it all lying ready, and we are again one of the best handball team, Europe’s largest sports show and Denmark’s strongest business network – wrote Nielsen on his Facebook.

Nielsen has no fear in process of making a new roster for AG despite his decision to get out of handball in summer 2012 left many players without contracts at the beginning of the season.

– I’m not nervous about having to recruit players to a new AGK project. All handball players in Denmark that will get the chance to play in a future AGK will take it. Once a AGK project is at full speed, then no other clubs in Denmark match it – says Jesper ‘Kasi’ Nielsen for



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1 Comment

  1. Jutta

    25. September 2013. at 10:11

    Good, we need people like that.

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