Handball drama all around Europe! RK Nexe, RK Trimo and RK Metalurg IN!

Very interesting matches of the EHF European League Round 2 has been played all over Europe. RK Nexe, IFK Kristianstad, GOG, RK Metalurg Skopje, RK Trimo Trebnje and Rhein Neckar Lowen have qualified for the Group stage which will be drawn on Thursday.

RK Nexe vs Bidasoa Irún 29:24 (first match 27:30)
IFK Kristianstad vs KS Azoty-Pulawy SA 24:22 (25:24)
Pfadi Winterthur vs GOG 35:31 (24:33)
HC Kriens-Luzern vs HC Metalurg 22:21 (24:26)
RK Trimo Trebnje vs Balatonfüredi KSE 23:22
Rhein-Neckar Löwen vs TTH Holstebro 26:27 (28:22)

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