GER/DEN 2019

HANDBALL TV MANIA: Almost 12.000.000 in Germany, 2.600.000 in France!

Handball across the globe is the most popular TV sports spectacle alongside the Australian Open in tennis.

Almost 12.000.000 people has watched semi-final clash between Germany and Norway in Hamburg last night in the contry of host nation, according German ARD.

However, TV record isn’t broken, because 16.6 mill people in Germany watched 2007 WCh final between Germany and Poland, while German golden moment at EHF EURO 2016 in Poland took atention of 13.000.000 TV viewers.

In the same time, French TV viewers (2.100.000) watched crash of their boys against Denmark at the first semi-final with 2.6 mill in the pick.

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