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POLL: Denmark or Norway?

Give us your opinion about the big final of the 26th IHF World Handball Championship in Herning between Denmark and Norway (Sunday, 17.30).


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The best Norwegian player at the Final

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The best Danish player at the Final?

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  1. Mr. 007

    27. January 2019. at 19:04

    Hrmm…or I could be very, very wrong ofc… 🙂

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  3. Mr. 007

    26. January 2019. at 21:29

    Norway hunger for revenge, and will not repeat the poor display from last encounter, and especially Sagosen.
    Denmark played insanely good against France, so it will be a helluva fight 🙂
    Danes think already they will win at home…as the Germans did too…but they are really not prepared for what’s coming…like the Germans 🙂

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