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HAND’FLUO IS BORN: New handball discipline invented in France

Handball in the dark? Possible in France where was held the the first tournament of HandFluo. Nine teams for more than 6 hours (19 pm till 1 am) have played in complete darkness. That was idea of French student David Dewulf, who organised everything together with AC Soissons.

– The idea of the tournament came to me there a year and a half , says this pioneer of handball in the dark for handnews.fr.
I organized as part of my studies a ” Blackminton .” It was a badminton tournament in black and neon . This gave me the idea of ​​creating this environment in my sport practice handball.

” The concept is based on a simple principle since the rules are the same as handball, says David Dewulf . Only the environment changes . ” A basic rule should indeed be respected : no light other than black should be present . Neon signs are prohibited , for example , making it much more difficult benchmarks for players.

“Everything a fluorescent device elements essential to the proper practice of handball was considered, complete the tournament organizer . This includes neon jumpers, makeup neon , fluorescent yellow stripes to the ground, the goals and the stairs of the stands , and handballs fluo . ” The neon balloons were even designed for the occasion, an original way to highlight the partners of the event sponsors.

Le handball dans le noir by Handnews

With nine teams present last Saturday , the first edition of the tournament Hand’Fluo was a real success. Training of national leisure level came from the entire region of Soissons : Beauvais, Villers -Saint- Paul , Saint -Quentin , Villers -Cotterets , Château- Thierry , plus Reims . With a maximum of 10 players per team , the rotations were numerous. The format of the meetings, with matches 10 minutes on average , helped make the evening dynamic . “All the participants were very pleased ,” relishes David Dewulf , that should not stop at this first edition. No doubt the concept of handball in the dark should quickly be emulated in France . A modern and innovative way to talk about the game at seven with a wider audience.

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