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HC Metalurg, Montpellier, Pick Szeged – hoping for a Wild Card EHF CL invitation

The list of teams that desire to play in the Champions League next season through the Wild Card tournament is clearing out. One of the teams that really deserve to play at the Wild Card tournament and already announced that they are ready for the invitation and after a successful Champions League season 2012/13 is Macedonian vice-champion HC Metalurg. Last year the French team that participated at the tournament was St Raphael, and this year it seems that it’s quite possible to see Montpellier in such role. From Hungary – Pick Szeged with new coach Pastor and few reinforcements already are also a force that wants to play the tournament. Finally, HSV Hamburg are fifth in the domestic championship, and if they end on that position, it might be that they are also to be seen at the Wild Card tournament.

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  1. Huge metal fan

    4. June 2013. at 13:22

    no, this is false.
    The key rule is that the max number of teams in a cup is 4 and as the Germans have a default 3 places until this year the 4th team had an option to apply for the WC competition.
    as from next year the defender Hamburg has an automatic place the first 3 teams in Bundeslige get their normal placese in CL the Germans have fulfilled all their possible places. As per tha no German team can apply for WC round so Hamburg definitely won’t play there.

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