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HISTORY: Romania 60’s, USSR 80’s, France 2017!

How big is success of the French women’s handball team made in Hamburg last night, the best description is coming from the handball history books! The French ladies are the third team in the history who is on the throne together with their male compatriots in the same year!

Before French teams, that did Romanians in 1961 and 1962, when both teams won Championships, and men’s team repeated in 1964.

The “2 of 2” has been seen also at the beginning of 80’s, when Soviet Union took both gold medals – 1982 in Hungary and West Germany.

Dinart and Krumbholz opened another chapter of handball history in Paris and Hamburg.


Soviet Union and Yugoslavia were TOP handball nations in 70’s and 80’s. USSR won Olympic double in Montreal 1976, while Yugoslavian team won Los Angeles Olympics in 1984.

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