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HP WWCh 2017 prediction: Norway and Russia for the glory!

As every year before the big tournaments, Handball-Planet.com bravely making a prediction of the final placement of the Women’s World Championship 2017 in Germany which starts on Friday in Leipzig. The three-medal podium, however, will be occupied by reigning crown holders and vice-champions from Norway, Russia and Netherlands.

The first contender to beat them will be host team – Germany, led by experienced coach Michael Biegler. 

The closest team to achieve the medal’s battle is France – with the strong and experienced line-up, but also Romania with Cristina Neagu. It will be interesting to see Serbia, again in the strongest roster with Lekic, Cvijic. Tomasevic and Damnjanovic.

Denmark, Montenegro and Hungary will be the strongest contenders to achieve quarter-finals. 

Here is our prediction:

  1. Norway
  2. Russia
  3. The Netherlands
  4. Germany
  5. France
  6. Romania
  7. Serbia
  8. Poland
  9. Denmark
  10. Montenegro
  11. Hungary
  12. Spain
  13. Sweden
  14. South Korea
  15. Brazil
  16. Angola
  17. Slovenia
  18. Tunisia
  19. Czech Republic
  20. Angola
  21. Japan
  22. Argentina
  23. Cameroon
  24. Paraguay
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