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Huesca “thanks” four players via twitter!

A lot of media attention brought the BM Huesca decision to “thank” some of the players that the club does not intend to offer new contract to. The reason is that the club decided to do this via the popular social network, twitter. “BM Huesca confirms that the club won’t offer new contracts to Milos Pesic, Blaz Voncin, Xavi Bertas and Victor Tremps” – said the “twit” of the club, which got popularity immediately due to its nature.

Many people acted furiously at this announcement, especially Victor Tremps, a player active on Twitter as well: “How would you feel as a worker in an industry that finds out that he’s now jobless via social network? It’s not serious that we find out these things via twitter, and not be told in face. I’m not hurt by this act, as I did not want to continue our cooperation, and neither wanted the other players, but we are still people, and these things are to be told ad personam” – Tremps commented on twitter.

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