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Hungarian Final 2015: Veszprem – Szeged 1:0

One of the four best teams in Europe second year in a row, MKB MVM Veszprem are on the way to secure the new domestic Championship title. Antonio Carlos Ortega and his boys are only a victory away from the trophy after the success at the beginning of the Play-Off Final against Pick Szeged 29:23 at home.

The second match will be played in Szeged on Tuesday, 18 hrs.

MKB-MVM Veszprém-MOL-Pick Szeged 29-23 (12-15)
Veszprém: Alilovic – Gulyás, Nagy L. 9, Chema Rodriquez 3, Ilics 6/1, Sulic 3 Iváncsik G, Mikler, Schuch, Terzic, Zeitz 1, Lékai 1, Nilsson 1, Ugalde 3, Marguc.
MOL-Pick Szeged: Sierra – Prodanovics 2, Bombac 2, Zubai 2, Blazevic, Ilyés, Källman 5, Wyszomirski, Balogh 1, Parrondo 3/2, Vranjes 1, Robledo 5, Ancsin 2, Vadkerti.
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1 Comment

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