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Hungary in the semifinals!! Nagy and Fazekas with heroic game!!

Hungary – Iceland 34:33 (16:12) – After extra time!

The first quarter-final game brought us perhaps the most intersting, thriller-game of the tournament. Thanks to brilliant Laszlo Nagy and Nandor Fazekas on the goal – the Hungarians will have a chance to win a medal in handball.  The favourized Icelandic team was considered to have rather easy task here, but the Hungarians proved them otherwise. The game evolved with Hungary dominating most of the game, starting from 5:1 and ending the halftime with 16:12, despite Iceland catching up at one point during the first half. Into the second half and Iceland catches up again and this time they don’t let Hungary get away, rather they turn the game in their favour and even have a perfect opportunity to seal the game. With 13 seconds left in the game, Snorri Gudjonsson had a penalty for Iceland with the team leading by 1 goal and a goal would mean end. But then heroic save by Fazekas and the Hungarians make counter-attack and score for 27:27!! Goal scored through Mate Lekai.


Overtime followed, and it was again all tight, neither team getting away, a goal-for-goal play. Nagy scores for 30:30 with 50 seconds left, and both Iceland and Hungary fail to score afterwards in their attacks, the result at the end of the first overtime standing at 30:30.


In the second overtime, Laszlo Nagy took the main role. Scored the first three goals for Hungary and Hungary was 33:31. Petersson and Csazsar each score, and it’s 34:32 with three minutes to go. Atlason’s shot was saved, and then Hungary makes a turnover after which Petersson scores again for 33:34. In the final minute, Harsanyi makes a turnover, but the Icelandic fail to capitalize on that with Palmarssons shot blocked from 9m and this sees Hungary going in the semifinals!

Laszlo Nagy was the leading scorer for Hungary with 9 goals, while Sigurdsson scored 8 for Iceland.

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