Hussein Ali Zaki about Egyptian success: Our secret is a big heart

Egypt made a tremendous success at YOuth World Handball Championship 2019 in North Macedonia. After bronze medal of generation 1998 at Junior World Championship 2019 in Spain, boys born 2000 made a step forward in Skopje, where they won the world’s title, the first ever of one non-European team.

The true legend and probably the biggest name of African handball ever, Hussein Ali Zaki (Egypt), was a part of the coaching staff who opened a new chapter of handball history in VIP Arena “Boris Trajkovski”:

  • I think our secret is the big heart. All European teams are very strong, When our guys lost against France, we tried to calm down them and to shared our experience. After that match, we won all the other match, and this success will be one step up in their carriers.

PHOTO: IHF, Filip Viranovski

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