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GER/DEN 2019

Iceland beat Japan to prepare for Main Round battle

Team of Iceland stay in the race for the third position for Main Round in Cologne after beating Japan 25:21. Dagur Sigurdsson put his team close to the European rivals for the second time in this tournament (after Spain 22:26), but there is still gap between them.

Iceland will have a chance in the last round to gain position No.3 in direct clash with Macedonia.

Japan-Iceand 21-25 (12-13)

Japan: Yuto Agarie 4, Shinnosuke Tokuda 3, Jin Watanabe 3, Daisuke Miyazaki 2, Yuki Baig 2, Tatsuki Yoshino 2, Tetsuya Kadoyama 2, Kenya Kasahara 1, Kohei Narita 1, Hiroko Motoki 1.

Iceland: Stefan Sigurmannsson 5, Arnor Gunnarsson 5, Olafur Gudmundsson 3, Omar Magnusson 3, Elvar Jonsson 3, Aron Palmarsson 2, Bjarki Elisson 1, Gisli Kristjansson 1, Arnar Arnarsson 1, Sigvaldi Gudjonsson 1.

Croatia beat Bahrain 32:20.

Croatia 8
Spain 6 (-1)
Iceland 4
Macedonia 4 (-1)
Japan 0
Bahrain 0

PHOTO: HRS, Jozo Cabraja

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