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GER/DEN 2019

IHF didn’t publish Lino Cervar’s statement after defeat against Germany

The statement of Croatian coach Lino Cervar after the match between his team and Germany 21:22 in which he mentioned “Olympic Charter” and direct influence of the Danish referees Martin Gjeding and Mads Hansen on the final result which put host team into the semi-final, isn’t publish on the official website of the World Handball Championship 2019.

There are the statements of German coach Christian Prokop, right back Steffen Weinhold and Croatian right wing Zlatko Horvat, but not Cervar’s one…






  1. ZDS

    23. January 2019. at 17:25

    Not even VAR can help a small nation, just remember Griezmann’s dive in the World Cup 2018 final. France was awarded a free kick against Croatia for 1:0 lead instead of giving Griezmann a yellow card.

    Why are host nations given a preferential treatment, they get their referees to officiate in key games like was the case of Danish refs in Germany-Croatia handball match (Denmark/Germany being host nations). Martin Gjeding admitted to making a call in favor of Germany at the crucial moment in the game and yet Croatia coach’s critics are ignored by IHF and Hassan Moustafa. What is the message for the kids here; sportsmanship or win at all cost?

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