Germany beat Croatia after problematic decision of Gjeding-Hansen”

Germany and France will play at semi-final of the World Championship 2019 in Hamburg. However, the first stars of the decisive clash between Germany and Croatia 22:21 in front of 19.500 fans at Lanxess Arena became Danish referees Gjeding-Hansen, who whistled attacking foul of Igor Karacic in the last attack of Croatia in 59th minute, afterward Germans scored for 22:20…

In that moment for Croatian coach Lino Cervar and his guys match was over, they began screaming on referees and desk…

Croatia – Germany 21-22 (11-11)

Croatia: Igor Karacic 4, Manuel Street 4, Marin Sipic 3, Domagoj Duvnjak 2, Luka Stepancic 2, Zlatko Horvat 2, Zljko Musa 2, David Mandic 1, Jakov Vrankovic 1.

Germany: Fabian Wiede 6, Uwe Gensheimer 4, Hendrik Pekeler 3, Steffen Fath 2, Kai Hafner 2, Fabian Bohm 2, Jannik Kohlbacher 2, Patrick Wiencek 1.

Germany 7
France 7
Croatia 4
Spain 4
Brazil 2
Iceland 0



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