IHF president Hassan Moustafa: I had clear vision despite critics of Europeans

The chairman of the International Handball Federation (IHF), Hassan Moustafa, visited Belgrade, where he spoke with the Serbian authorities (President of Republic, President of Serbian Olympic Commitee and Minister of Sports), but also supported Serbian Handball Federation activities and new president Bozidar Djurkovic.

Moustafa called Serbian handball community to be united in process and gave an example from his experience of leading the world’s handball:

  • When I became the president of IHF, it was a tough period for me. I was suffering a huge pressure as the first non-European president of IHF. Europeans attacked on me. I had my strategy and plans, which forced me to focus on it and don’t look around. Nobody could shake me on left or right. I just followed my vision and my way. Today, handball is one of the most popular sport globally. We were the second sport behind football in attendance at Olympics in Rio. If I was paying attention on critics and gossips, we wouldn’t make anything. After every elections, all sides have to work together – said Moustafa on press conference organized by Serbian Handball Federation. 

PHOTO: Serbian Handball Federation

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1 Comment

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