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IHF to pay insurance and travel costs to Women’s WCh 2013 participants

As decided by the IHF Council during its last meeting in Sarajevo, the International Handball Federations pays and distributes compensation fees for all players, who participate in the Women’s World Championship in Serbia, bears the travel costs of all participating teams and pays a bonus fee to all participating federations. Additionally the IHF installed a players’ protection system (insurance) for the final days of preparation and during the tournament in Serbia, which is played from 6 to 22 December 2013.

The IHF had already granted those costs for the Men’s World Championships 2011 in Sweden and 2013 in Spain. The IHF Council voted for the proposal of the IHF Executive Committee and described those newly implemented payments and measures as an “act of equal treatment for men’s and women’s handball”.

In accordance with the decision of the IHF Council, the IHF has effected a players’ protection programme, which basically covers the players’ contracted salary until the fixed maximum limit towards the corresponding handball clubs in case a player suffers an injury during the World Championship. The protection starts on 1 December 2013 and ends at the latest on 23 December 2013.

After the 2013 Men’s World Championship in Spain several cases were compensated by the IHF players’ protection programme.

In addition to a qualification bonus for all participating federations, the IHF will pay the compensation fee to all federations, which then distribute the payments to the respective clubs of the players.

Further the IHF will for the first time at a Women’s World Championship pay all travel expenses of the participating delegations for 16 players and 5 officials.


Look at the official Women’s World Championship 2013 website – Serbia 2013.

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