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Is Jicha seat ready for Aron Palmarsson?

Would departure of Filip Jicha from Barcelona accelerate a process of moving of Icelandic superstar Aron Palmarsson from Hungary to Spain? That is the main question for which answer looking fans from Veszprem Arena to Blaugrana. Unexpected, and for most of the handball community, stupid decision of fantastic 27-years old playmaker to stay at home in the moment when Ljubomir Vranjes starts preparation with Veszprem, is something with Icelander will have to deal it.

However, his plan to put pressure on two teams to agreed about his transfer a year before the end of contract with Hungarians (summer 2018) could give result after his former team-mate from THW Kiel announced leaving of the dressing room of Spanish champions. To remind you, Palmarsson signed a deal with FC Barcelona Lassa with the start in summer 2018.

After releasing players like Lazarov and Jicha, FC Barcelona Lassa need Palmarsson’s level to stay competitive in the race for the VELUX EHF Champions League Final4.

On the other side, Veszprem lost one of the biggest advantages in battle for Cologne, but also certainly one of the best players of the world in this moment and in the years to come. Without Ivan Sliskovic and Aron Palmarsson, two players in the “best ages” of 26-27, who were “big present and future of the club”, Vranjes will have one of the oldest back-line in EHF Champions League. The only worse thing for Veszprem than losing Palmarsson is selling to the direct rival for the European throne.

It’s a long way to the top. Aron Palmarsson already made a mistake by leaving THW Kiel, where he grew up as a person and professional athlete with strong perspective to become the King of the Kings. Instead of that, he decided to came in the country and the city of totally different mentality and way of living in comparison with the North. The end of the story, we all know now, and it’s without the happy end. Rumors speaking about “La Rambla” which puts light on eyes of Aron’s wife which wasn’t satisfied with life in Hungary.

However, his career is in question. If Aron takes another wrong step, he would never be at the TOP one day, even he has potential of Karabatic, Hansen and only a few other faces…

PHOTO: © Melczer Zsolt

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