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Italian Contested Handball Elections: La Grande Famiglia dell’ Handball is ready!

The Grande Famiglia dell’ Handball, has launched recently a membership campaign which aims to build up support across the Italian and International handball fraternity.
Infact the International association which was born locally after the contested Italian Federation election last October, now has finally set up a board of directors and a series of subcomittees which deal with specific handball objectives.
At the helm of the GFH we find Pierluigi Montauti who without any doubts will keep on safeguarding and promoting handball under every aspects of the game.
On the Italian election appeal side, the GFH has assured that it will keep on following the appeal through the Italian courts.
Indeed, Italian handball has come to a crossroad where everybody is fighting each other and nobody,but few charlatans, are able to see a way out of its deep crisis.
Anybody who would like to join the GFH is able to do that by clicking on the following link:


TEXT: Luca del Bianco


  1. Sigur

    23. April 2013. at 11:36

    I had followed Italian handball.
    Your people, federation end administrator dont understood what to do.
    Your men national team is crap and I dont like those gils play in Slovenia.Read your female champinship with few teams???
    Suggestion: change top end get fresh , new people.

  2. Michele Viapiana

    23. April 2013. at 09:24

    I think only that, but this is only my opinion (a guy out of the handball for about 3 months for personal choice). I promise to myself that i would never talk about handball until the end of the investigations. On some issues, today too controversial, it’s up to the proper authorities speak, but if in 20 years handball in Italy lost so much, the blame of those, is who are in charge……i have 25 years old, and in this time, i saw my sport die………. i’m sorry on behalf of the Italian handball,for the bad image that we are giving. moreover, we are a country that continues to prefer berlusconi!!!!

  3. IlProf

    22. April 2013. at 15:31

    The appeal is through Italian Olympic Commitee coourt for no.After that the only way contest the elections is through the magistrate: http://gfhandball.altervista.org/blog/fiorentina-handball-e-gfh-allalta-corte-del-coni/

  4. Future

    22. April 2013. at 15:09

    According to info available online,a club belonging to the GFH had been asking Italian magistrates to investigate the regularity of the elections.So,people should stick to facts and not to empty rumours.

  5. Fighileaks

    22. April 2013. at 11:51

    The opposition of GFH against the October elections was rejected both at first instance and second instance.
    The Italian federal elections last October are valid.
    The GFH appealed to the Italian Olympic Committee who will decide later

  6. Marco Trespidi

    22. April 2013. at 11:37

    “Charlatan: one who attract customers with tricks and jokes” exactly what the Grande Famiglia dell’Handball” has done up to now….maybe is time of stop talking about handball and do something for handball??? Everyone knows what to do but seems no one do anything ………is quite difficult indeed that people of GFH who were at the head of the project of Titanic ship could now be the same ones to project a Yacht…..
    “Ai posteri l’ardua sentenza”……

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