Jerome Fernandez to remain in Kiel – Chambery interested?

The French representative, Jerome Fernandez (34), will have to stay in Kiel until the end of the season, instead of moving to Toulouse. The transfer failed because of likely relegation of Toulouse, whereas in the pre-contract it was underlined that playing for a team that is not in the ‘elite’ would be contrary to his values. Therefore, nothing from that transfer.

New questions are open regarding his future, and some sources say that he is likely on his way to Chambery, as most interested, and Jerome himself stating that there is interest from that club. Should that transfer happen, the team will become very competitive next season, not only domestically challenging Montpellier, but also in the Champions League possibly challenging Ciudad, Barcelona…

We are, however, yet to see how Fernandez’s careerpath will develop…

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