“Kasi” pushes Olafur to AG Copenhagen – Younger Lijewski replacement?

According to Danish media, “big boss” of Rhein Neckar Lowen and AG Copenhagen, Jesper Nielsen (“Kasi”) wants to see right back of “Lions”, legendary Icelandic, Olafur Stefansson in T-shirts of his Danish team. Olafur had already contract with a Danish team (in that time – team from Second Danish league), but he changed for Germany in direction of bigger team of his “boss”, Jesper Nielsen. Now, rumours saying that “Kasi” wants to make a place for Polish right back Krzysztof Lijewski from HSV, who will maybe to replace Icelandic giant and give “fresh blood” to the squad.

Against that is a new coach of RNL, Gudmundur Gudmunsson, who wants to keep his countrymen in Mannheim.

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1 Comment

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