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Kielce “4 of 4” against Wisla!

Fourth “Holy War” between Vive Targi Kielce and Orlen Wisła Płock in the current season goes to Kielce. Polish champions beat their opponent at home in the Polish League game 34:26. Both teams played without their injured players – Kielce had to manage without Manuel Štrlek, Krzysztof Lijewski and Željko Musa, while Płock played without Marcin Lijewski, Nikola Eklemović and Zbigniew Kwiatkowski. After first minutes of the first half it might seem that it could be an equal competiton but already in 8. minute Kielce were away by 3 goals. Great saves from Szmal were a prognostication of his brilliant performance; his teammates on the other side of the court had almost no problem with Płock’s defence. It was enough to get on Manolo Cadenas’ nerves and he asked for a time-out. It did not do much difference though because Kielce kept gaining more and more advantage – in 15. minute it was 10:5. Absence of players forced coach Duyshebaev to look for some temporary replacements and this is why Michał Jurecki played in right back position instead of Lijewski, and Piotr Chrapkowski tried to do Štrlek’s job in defence.

Half-time score was 20:13.

The second half started nicely for the hosts, but it was beginning of their weaker period in the game. Płock reduced the gap by 4 goals scored in a row. Fortunately for Kielce, Čupić and Jachlewski helped their team to wake up and improved the result. Second half was much better for Płock; goalkeepers improved their records, especially thanks to Marcin Wichary. In the last minutes of the game, both teams got sloppy. Spectators saw a lot of misses and losses. In 51. minute Wisła reduced the quite considerable gap to only 3 goals. Kielce started feeling that they might lose the ground in a moment and it turned out to be a great motivation because they made the gap quite big again – it was 34:26 after the final whistle.

It was a very good match of Karol Bielecki (top scorer with 9 goals), Julen Aginagalde and aforementioned Sławomir Szmal. Best scorers of the Płock team were Valentin Ghionea and Mariusz Jurkiewicz, both by 4 goals.


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Piotr

    13. March 2014. at 15:03

    Wisla are free falling. They play extremely bad.

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