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Kielce put Wisla on -10!

In the first Holy War of the season, Vive Tauron Kielce decidedly beat at home Orlen Wisła Płock 32:22. Polish Champions were on the lead for most of the time and thanks to the outstanding performances of Sławomir Szmal and Karol Bielecki, their team finished the game leading by 10 goals. The first half began pretty well for Wisła; playing in the powerplay after an early 2-minute suspension for Jurecki, they were leading 3:1 in the 3. minute. Kielce started a bit ineffectually; a lost ball in the very first attack , the suspension already in the 3. minute, and also first defensive attempts looked like those unfortunate ones from Skopje.

Vive Tauron Kielce – Orlen Wisła Płock 32:22 (15:11)

Vive: Szmal, Markowski – Buntić 1, Jurecki 4, Tkaczyk 3, Jachlewski 2, Zorman 1, Bielecki 12/5, Strlek 3, Cupić 2, Aquinagalde 3, Chrapkowski, Reichman 1, Kus, Vujović.

Wisła: Wichary Corrales – Kwiatkowski, Wiśniewski 1, Ghionea 2, Nikcević 3, Piechowski, Montoro, Racotea 2, Rocha 1, Zelenović 4, Pusica 1, Daszek 3, Tarabocha 3, Oneto 1, Zhitnikov 1.

But since Szmal started rejecting ball after ball, everything seemed to go well for Kielce. The game was even until 10. minute; Kielce scored three times in a row and four minutes later the result was 9:5 and this gap didn’t change much for the next fifteen minutes. Even though it was Kielce vs Płock clash, the game wasn’t too brutal. However, by the end of the half, Wisła played in the double powerplay and had a good chance to reduce the gap but they didn’t manage to score a single goal then. In the end, the halftime result was 15:11 for Kielce. The second half was opened by a Szmal’s save, but on the other side of the court Marcin Wichary also began denying Kielce attempts.

Płock came a little closer but in the same moment Kielce forged ahead and scored 8 goals without conceding any and made the result 24:14 (44. minute). A Holy War wouldn’t be a Holy War if there were no conflicts on the court. A rather peaceful game ended 10 minutes before the final whistle, and it was usually very calm Tobias Reichmann, who didn’t like defending style of Mateusz Piechowski, who started the fight. Very soon entire teams got involved but there were no more serious consequences, just a 2 minute suspension for Piechowski. Rodrigo Corrales saved a couple throws but his teammates keep wasting chances in the attack.

By the end of the game, coach Duyshebaev sent two young players – Branko Vujović and Krzysztof Markowski – on the court, and in the last seconds Markowski beautifully saved the 10-goal lead for his team and Kielce won 32:22.



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