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Kim Rasmussen about 2019: I regret for this 15 seconds

Kim Rasmussen has been suspended by International Handball Federation after his statement at the Press conference after match of Hungary and Romania at World Championship 2019 in Japan. The Danish coach was obviosly mad on obvious referee’s mistake in the last moments of the match. However, now, he realized that he made mistake:

  • Goodbye 2019, you ended up rough, but luckily I learned a lot?? mistakes are part of life, we all make them, learn from them, take what you can use and move on! I learned that family and real friends are your key to mental balance, they will love you no matter what, for better and worse, I learned that people show their true soul/character when they see somebody is knocked down, but that I knew so let’s say I got reminded, I also got reminded that if you get to afraid of loosing what you want, the small details will not go your way, I learned a lot and I’m grateful for that, it will make me stronger on the other side! Do I regret my 15 seconds at that press conference? Of course I do, I should have stayed in control, I should have been smarter, and I should never have used those words, we do play the game of emotions they say but my emotions went to far. This was the first time ever and it will the last, it was also the first time in my career on the international level I received a yellow card that turns the ball, and the first time ever getting a 2.min. Suspension in a international game that have importance and in the end of a game, so many first things happened in those 90 min. On the 5. December?‍♂️ and I’m sorry for that, but I know now a lot more about who to trust, who to stay away from, and  I wish all the best 2020 – wrote Kim on his new year’s post.
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