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Lars Walther takes charge in Romanian Baia Mare!

Ambitious project of Romanian Minaur Baia Mare was enough attractive for the Danish coach Lars Walther. Ex-coach of Polish Wisla Plock, with whom the second best Polish team won the last Championship title in 2011, will begin the new international adventure from the next summer.

– The club will re-arm for the upcoming season and be an integral part of the top of the Romanian league and eventually play in Europe. I’ve just been down there and I have to say that it is a very exciting project they ‘re doing , says Lars Walther to HBOLD.dk .


  1. oiler

    17. May 2014. at 22:46

    That will be end for club from Baia Mare. Walther will destroy your team. He dont have any idea about handball

  2. Nico

    17. May 2014. at 08:27

    Very good news for us in Baia Mare.

  3. KJ

    14. May 2014. at 15:31

    Fantastic news. He is a super coach and human being.

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