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Larvik wins Women’s Champions League!

The handball players of Larvik are the new rulers of Europe. They won the Women’s Champions League and for the first time are crowned with the most prestigious title in Europe. They lost to Itxako with 25:24 in Spain, but thanks to the first game victory of 23:21, they’re the overall winners, and CL Champions. For the away time, Sulland scored 10 goals, while Larsen contributed with 4. For the Spanish, Carmen Martin scored 10, and Tourey added 5 more.

Larvik had control in most of the match, had 5:1 during the first half, but went with only 11:10 at halftime. In the second half the same picture repeated, they controlled the game and had at times 20:16 and 23:21, then Itxako managed to take control and have 24:23 few minutes before the end. Then Larvik calls a time-out and they score perhaps the decisive goal for 24:24 just a minute before the end. Itxako however managed to score one more goal, to consolate themself with at least a victory at home, 25:24.

Itxako Reyno de Navarra – Larvik HK 25:24 (10:11)

ITXAKO: Navaro 7 saves, Martin 10/4, Barbosa 2, Tourey 5/2, Soit 3, Fernandez 1, Agilar 2, Pena 1, Egozkue 1.

LARVIK: Leganger 10 saves, Larsen 4, Sulland 10/8, Riegelhuth 3, Hammerseng 2, Breivang 1, Johansen 3, Mork 1.


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