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Laszlo Nagy won’t play at WC in Sweden

Story about Laszlo Nagy (29) and Hungarian national team continues. Most popular handball player in Hungary, right back of F.C Barcelona since long time ago, Nagy, won’t play at next World Championships in Sweden.  Previous rumours talked about that Nagy will play for Spain in London 2012, but for a quite long, nothing was heard in that way.  Hungarian public expected that he will back to National team, for the first time after WC 2009 in Croatia, but a new Nagy’s letter to HHF broke last chance.



  1. m

    4. November 2010. at 16:32

    I’m not sure that he won’t play in the national team!
    Because the team is with Laci!

    May be there will be some changings with the national teams in Hungary!

  2. t-boy

    3. November 2010. at 16:31

    Laszlo became a homeland for money

  3. smcby

    2. November 2010. at 21:25

    Just a small correction: Nagy is definitely not the most popular handball player in Hungary.
    After all the hesitation and excuses for more than 1 year about his presence in the Hungarian National Team, he is close to be considered a traitor, and most of the supporters never want to see him again in the team.

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